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Magnificat Classical Collector Suite with activation

Download Magnificat Classical Collector Suite

Magnificat Classical Collector Suite is an advanced program meant for classical music-lovers. Through Magnificat Classical Collector Suite we can: create a real classical music Encyclopedia continuously updatable, import an unlimited number of images, documents, Web links and multimedia files, incorporate our recordings collection, and link it with everything we have created, create an infinite number of categories, and sub-categories to organize our archives, create reports and export them in html format.

Import images and information from the Web with minimum effort, import recordings information from FreeDB database, make an automatic database backup, customize the aspect with our favorite colors. Choose among different levels of cataloguing, from the simplest to the most exhaustive. Version 2.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Version 2 automatic import of the recordings from the most famous classical music Websites. Automatic import of the composer worklists from the Web.

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