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WebCoupon with key generator

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Web Coupon allows you to create web based coupons for your business. Each created coupon is featured on its own free web page. Each free web page also contains a short description of your business and contains automatically generated meta-tags designed to provide high placement in popular Search Engines. Once you have created your Coupon, you can automatically submit it to Search Engines using Web Coupon’s built in Search Engine submission option. Once your Coupon is on the Web, your customers can easily print it using their Web Browser. Web Coupon is extremely easy to use. You enter your contact information and business description through the use of fill in the blank fields. You create your coupon by dragging and dropping Picture and Text objects. In fact. once you download Web Coupon, you can place your first coupon on the Web in less then 10 minutes ! You can use Web Coupon even if you do not have an Internet Home Page for your business and you can create as many coupons as you like. Web Coupon is completely free and is advertiser supported.

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